Conditions of purchase

Welcome to Stora Djupsås! These terms and conditions govern your accommodation with us. By booking accommodation with us, you agree to the terms and conditions below. We recommend that you read them carefully before making your reservation.

Conditions of purchase

Conditions for payment and booking of bed & breakfast, camping site, glamping, tent site, food package and event/conference at Stora Djupsås. The buyer/payer is referred to as “Customer” in the Terms and Conditions. The supplier is identified as either the supplier, “Stora Djupsås”, “we” or “Raggårdens Kyckling AB”. Customers/guests at Stora Djupsås are obliged to follow Stora Djupsås’ code of conduct, which can be found in full at Customers/guests who do not follow these regulations, Stora Djupsås’ staff have the right to expel from the area.

Booking and payment

To book/pay, the customer must be at least 18 years old. A bank card (VISA or Mastercard) or (BankId and Swish) is required to pay the fee. If the payment method is invoice, a correct billing address is required.

Value added tax

All prices are in SEK and include value added tax (VAT).

  • 12% for accommodation rentals and food packages
  • 25% for events/conferences and food included therein.

Payment/Booking confirmation

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, it should be checked to ensure that all information is correct. It is the responsibility of the customer/purchaser to ensure that the information on the booking confirmation is correct. Booking confirmation is sent by email and/or text message (SMS). In case of errors, Stora Djupsås should be contacted within 3 days of receiving the confirmation, but no later than 5 days before the possible check-in date. As far as possible, changes will be accommodated but this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Payment of the reservation

Payment is based on the payment information provided before/when booking.

Cancellation of booked accommodation/space

Cancellation can only be made in person (by email or phone) if you have not booked through our online booking site. The following applies: cancellation can only be made via the link you received in the confirmation email when you booked. 

Glamping and tree tents: cancellations less than 5 days before the start of the booking are non-refundable. In case of cancellation more than 5 days before the start of the booking, the full amount paid will be refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee on the amount. The refund is made within 4-7 banking days. If you are unable to complete your stay, you are welcome to contact us and we will look for a solution together.

Pitches and tents: Cancellation less than 1 day before the start of the booking is non-refundable. If you cancel more than 1 day before the start of the booking, the full amount paid will be refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee. The refund is made within 4-7 banking days. If you are unable to complete your stay, you are welcome to contact us and we will look for a solution together.

In case of very bad weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your booking at short notice for your own safety. We will of course arrange for rebooking whenever possible.

Events/event/conference/packages: cancellation rules are determined on a booking-by-booking basis and the limit is stated in the booking confirmation based on the agreement between the Customer and Stora Djupsås.

Charging of electronic vehicles

Charging of electronic vehicles is prohibited and is not included in the daily rent. In case of unauthorized charging, a fee of SEK 750 is charged per charging session.


Stora Djupsås is not responsible for lost property or damage caused by third parties. Each power socket is 10 amps, which basically means power for charging only. Overdrafts risk knocking out all or part of our electricity network. In case of obvious misuse, we reserve the right to invoice the repair costs. Use of personal data: by using this website, you also agree to Hamnsystem Sverige AB’s Data Policy. Please note that the Distance Contracts Act does not apply to bookings started or to be started within 72 hours from the time of booking. Other obligations and rules of conduct, see General Conditions at

Breach of contract

This is a contract between the customer (client) and Stora Djupsås. The agreement will be terminated with immediate effect if:

  • The conditions of this document are not met.
  • The customer/guests in the party are disruptive in the area.
  • The customer/guests in the party commit vandalism in the area.

If a breach of contract occurs, the customer/guests in the party must leave the area immediately. In case of destruction or disruptive behavior, damages may be claimed from the customer.

Force majeure

In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes and other events that are considered force majeure, Stora Djupsås may cancel the agreement, in which case the customer and guests must be notified immediately. In such cases, Stora Djupsås is obliged to reimburse the amount paid, excluding the benefit derived from the site.

General conditions for events/conferences, group bookings and other arrangements

These general conditions apply provided that they are attached to the confirmation of the order or it is otherwise agreed between the parties that these general conditions shall apply.


An event is when premises are provided with or without accommodation and/or refreshments, e.g., in the form of an exhibition. for conferences, or for group and banquet bookings. The client is the person – legal or natural – who is liable to pay for the event. The value of an order is the contracted price for the entire order or the sum of the number of participants ordered multiplied by the contracted price per participant per day, and the price for specially ordered services.


Orders can be made orally or in writing. The supplier shall acknowledge receipt of an order in writing.


An advance of 50% of the confirmed amount is payable when the reservation is made less than three months before the event. If a booking is made more than three months before the event, a 25% advance payment is due at the time of booking and another 25% when there are three months left until the event. Advances are due within 10 days of the date of the invoices. Invoices for the advance payment are sent immediately after confirmation of the booking and three months before the event when the booking is made more than three months before the event. If the advance payment is not made, the order is not binding on the supplier.

Special requests when ordering

If the customer has special requests regarding e.g. special diets, pets, etc. this must be stated at the time of ordering. The same applies if the client requires special security arrangements.

Valuable property

If the purchaser wishes to take property of high value and store it in the supplier’s storage facilities, luggage room or safe, the purchaser must inform the supplier of this. In the event of theft or similar, the supplier shall be liable only if the supplier has undertaken in writing to take responsibility for the property.


Cancellation must be made in writing. In case of cancellation later than four weeks before the first day of the event, the customer shall reimburse the supplier with a certain percentage of the value of the order. The applicable percentage shall be indicated in the supplier’s acknowledgement of receipt of the order. In the event of cancellation of part of an order, the compensation shall relate to the cancelled part.


The client is responsible for all costs incurred under the order. If participants have to pay something separately, this must be approved by the provider. The absence of a participant from an ordered meal does not entitle the participant to a reduction in price. Payment shall be made as agreed. If payment by invoice has been agreed, the purchaser shall pay in full within 10 days of the date of the invoice. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the supplier is entitled to charge interest from the due date at the applicable reference rate plus eight percentage points. Invoicing is subject to an invoicing fee.

Reservation for price changes

a) If the supplier wishes to reserve the right to increase prices, the supplier shall clearly state this in his written acknowledgement of receipt of the order.

b) The supplier shall immediately inform the purchaser when a price increase occurs.

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