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Stora Djupsås in Essunga, Västra Götaland - a place for unique experiences and relaxation.

The property dates back to the 15th century and is surrounded by a beautiful park, ponds, open fields & the river Nossan which flows through the beautiful surroundings.

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About us

Meet Daniel Johansson and Louise Viberg - Stewards of Stora Djupsås.

Stora Djupsås has been an important part of Essunga since the 17th century and has had many different owners and managers over the years. Today, Daniel Johansson and Louise Viberg have the honor of running and preserving this unique manor. For us, Stora Djupsås is more than just a property – it is a place with a rich history, beautiful surroundings and great potential for the future. We are passionate about preserving and developing Stora Djupsås in a sustainable way, and creating a place where people can relax and enjoy all that the manor and its surroundings have to offer. On this page you can read about our history, our plans and our vision for the future of Stora Djupsås. Welcome!

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An Important Part of Essunga: Stora Djupsås Through the Centuries

Stora Djupsås, previously known as Ljipsaas or Gipsaas, was first mentioned in writing in 1497 and was owned by the squire Erik Bengtsson. Over the centuries the property has been owned by several different families, including Nilsson, Henriksson, Jönsson (later Lilliebielke) and Silfverhjelm.

In 1772, Stora Djupsås was bought by Captain Alexander Björnberg, who later made it a fideicommiss, which meant that the property would remain in the family by inheritance through the male line. During Alexander’s time, the area of the estate was increased to a maximum of 1700 acres, which included most of the southwestern part of the parish as well as Fåglum and Barne-Åsaka.

Under the ownership of the Björnberg family, the property has seen significant changes and development. During the 19th century, the buildings on the property were modernized and updated and part of the forest was cleared to make way for agriculture and pastures.

In the 20th century, however, the number of jobs on the estate declined as the agricultural sector changed and became increasingly mechanized. Nevertheless, Stora Djupsås continued to be a significant employer and a symbol of local history and tradition. The property has also been subject to conservation efforts and is still maintained today to ensure its historical and cultural value.

Buildings and surroundings

Beautiful architecture and scenic surroundings

Stora Djupsås is home to several beautiful buildings, including the manor house and wing buildings, which bear witness to a rich history. In addition, the surrounding forest, water and ancient deciduous trees are a feast for the eyes. The farm has a unique combination of cultural and historical values and natural beauty, making it a place to enjoy both relaxation and adventure.

Future plans

An exciting future for Stora Djupsås

At Stora Djupsås we strive to offer our visitors a unique and memorable experience that combines nature and culture. With tent pitches, bed and breakfast and glamping options, there is something for everyone who wants to explore the farm and its surroundings.
We have plans to renovate and develop our existing buildings to create modern facilities for both residents and businesses. We also want to create opportunities for local businesses and producers to sell their products on the farm, thus helping to strengthen our local economy.
Another important part of our future plans is to preserve and nurture the farm and its history for future generations. We will continue to work to preserve and protect our heritage buildings and the cultural landscape around the farm.

We are looking forward to implementing our future plans for Stora Djupsås and creating a sustainable and vibrant place that will be an important part of Essunga for many years to come.


Our Sustainability Commitment: Local Partners, Environmentally Conscious Choices and Recycling

#Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

We value local partnerships and try to support local actors as much as possible.

We prioritize environmentally friendly options by choosing products with eco-labels and strive to minimize our energy consumption. We are also committed to recycling and have decorated our premises with second-hand furniture.

When it comes to packaging and recycling, we prefer paper and glass packaging to plastic, and we are committed to recycling as much as possible.

Our menu also offers vegetarian and vegan options to promote sustainable food choices among our guests. We also encourage our visitors to use our packaging collection service available on site.

It is together that we shape a brighter tomorrow, for our planet and for future generations.

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